Karumbhu Moringai Seeds (Sugarcane drumstick)

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We Grow only native variety of Moringa at our farm. One among is the tasty Karumbhu Moringai..
Name: Karumbhu Moringai (Sugarcane drumstick) கரும்பு முறுங்கைகாய்
Variety: Native variety
Special note:
1. Grows into a big tree and this is one of the tastiest among the native Moringa Olifera.
2. The drumsticks are broader like sugar cane and tastes like sugarcane hence the name. (8 to 9cm grith)
3. Tolerant to severe drought condition and disease resistant.
4. Sells for higher rate than normal drumsticks.
Botanical name: Moringa Olifera


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Seed Quantity: 10 seeds per packet

Karumbhu Moringai Seeds (Sugarcane drumstick)


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