Native Paddy Seeds – Poongar


Weight: 500g

Crop Duration: 70 days

Health Benefits: Ideal food for pregnant women and babies

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If the season fails in Puratasi (September) another traditional early duration red rice variety of Poongar is sown in the month of Karthigai (October) and it is harvested in Thai (January) but the yield is lowers. Suitable for coastal sandy soils, drought resistant and tall variety. The crop can be able to grow in very less rainfall condition and it is drought tolerant variety

Name of the Variety Duration in days Average height of the crop in cm Maximum height of the crop in cm Number of grains per ear head Yield of grain in kgs/acre Yield of straw in kgs/acre 1000 grain weight in grams
Poongar  100 75 81 80 600 900 17

Native Paddy Seeds – Poongar
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