Vetpalai Thailam / Herbal Medicinal oil for Psoriasis and Anti dandruff


Carefully and passionately prepared at our farm using the homegrown organic ingredients such as Cold Pressed Coconut oil and Vetpalai leaves using traditional method. Periodic use of this oil helps to maintain a healthier and clean skin and scalp. Vetpalai thailam is prepared from the leaves of Wrightia Tinctoria by insolation with coconut oil as the base.


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Weight: 120ml

Key Ingredients:
100% Pure Sulphur free Organic Coconut oil, Vetpalai (Wrightia Tinctoria) leaf extract.

Health Benefits:

Periodic usage of our oil helps in the below help benefits:

  1. Clears dandruff and prevents it from coming when the oil is used periodically.
  2. Very effective, cures Psoriasis and other skin rashes or patches.
  3. Immediately heals any type of itch skin.

Usage Instruction:

  • Apply and massage this oil on the scalp and leave for 20 to 30 minutes before bath.
  • For Psoriasis, apply and massage it on the affect area and leave it overnight.  
  • For any other type of itchy skin, apply it on the affected area and feel the immediate relief.

NOTE: This oil is not subjected to any laboratory testing. Please consult a physician if the condition doesn’t improve after usage. 

Vetpalai Thailam / Herbal Medicinal oil for Psoriasis and Anti dandruff


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