Virali Thailam / Oil for healing Muscle, Nerve & Joint pains


Our Virali oil is carefully made from 100% Pure Cold Pressed high-grade white/black Sesame seed oil, Black Jeera, fresh home grown Virali (விராலி) Dodonaea Viscosa plant leaves and few other herbs.

Product Weight:  120ml, 250ml, 550ml 

Health Benefits: External Application:    Relieves muscle, knee, joint and nerve pain. Improves blood circulation and conditions skin. Relieves burning foot sensation. Relieves knee pain Improves skin health and prevents skin rashes and patches. 

Usage Instruction: Pour sufficient quantity of oil in the affected area and massage the skin with moderate pressure till the oil is absorbed by the skin. Faster results are observed when the oil is used periodically every day.   

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Our Virali Thailam /oil is natural pain killer for all types of Nerve, Muscle and Joint pains with out any side effects. This oil works on the nerves, muscle and relieves the pain.

We prepare our Virali oil from all homegrown ingredients at our farm using 100% Pure Cold Pressed Sesame oil and fresh Virali plant leaves. Virali leaves have a natural medicinal property to heal nerve, muscle and joint pains. Virali plant is native to our region and been used for various purposes by our villagers traditionally.

Health Benefits of our Virali Oil/Thailam:

  • Relieves nerve, muscle and join pain caused by Stroke, Diabetic Nueropathy, Rheumatic Arthritis, spinal cord disc compression.
  • Relieves joint pains, Sciatic nerve problems, Spinal cord nerve problems and ligament tear.
  • Heals wound and itchy skin.
  • Please note, the above benefits were documented from our customer benefited from our oil and their testimonials.

Side Effects: No side effects. External application only.

NOTE: This oil is not subjected to any laboratory testing. Please consult a physician if the condition doesn’t improve after usage. 

What our customers say

Thank you very much for introducing us to this magical oil

Hello Pradeep,
Virali oil- we have been applying twice a day on the joints, ankles & back on the spine. The pain levels have definitely reduced. We’ve not tried drinking a few drops( I think you said) Anyways we’ve seen much relief from pain. Thank you very much for introducing us to this magical oil. I’m waiting to get back to India so that I can get proper massage with help of a maid. Kumar’s nerves were tight, applying this oil his feet swelling is gone/ relief from pain.
Our son- I must admit has not been regular in applying Vetpalai oil. I’ll push him further to try, am sure will work wonders for him.
So thank you. I’ll keep in touch with you and will spread the word amongst all my friends/ contacts in India & here in the US.
Keep up the good work!!
Best regards.💐🙏

~ Vijaya, Mumbai.

Virali Oil relieved muscle stiffness in stroke patient

Dear Pradeep, Very nice of you calling.After application of Virali oil on my toe fingers,foot and knees,I feel the toe fingers loosened,no knee pain,but burning and numbness in my foot persists.My neighbor who got paralysis for 2years and having had Kerala Ayurveda oil treatment with no improvement, now after applying Virali oil on his left hand and left leg,now feels his stiffened hand and leg and the fingers are flexible.My friend who came with me said.his wife knee pain is better.On the whole Virali oil is really helpful. It all depends on the user’s to carry on the process for permanent relief. My self Iwill procure and use it on the long run.Thank you.

~ Balasubramanian, Trichy

Virali Oil reliving Spinal Cord L4, L5 disc bulge issue

Mr Prdeep, Good Evening. I am Sankar from Salem. Sorry for the delay response. I came to know about your product Virali oil thru my friend Mr Krishnamoorthi from Vellore. During August month, I have experienced some pain in the left hand below the shoulder. When I met the neuro specialist he has diagnosed that the pain is due to the bulge in the L4, L5, L6 cervical bones and due to this the nerve is disturbed and hence the pain developed. He has prescribed some tablets. Meanwhile, as suggested by my Friend Mr Krishnamoorthi, I have purchased and used. I got good results and pain reduced in a big manner. One more point , I wish to high light is that the Virali oil is also effective on skin disease .But you have not recommended this.
We have tried on our own and the black patches and itching problems on the legs have got controlled . We have recommended the product to our relatives at Nanganallur Chennai and they also experienced good results. Thanks a lot. I also request you to inform me about your products which can be used for Gastric problems and Acid Reflex( if available). Regards,

~ Mr.Sankar, Salem.

Relived Muscle pain and muscle stiffness in paralysis patients

My mother who diagnosed with Parkinsons disorder, recently experienced paralysis of her middle two finger with excruciating pain. Applying virali oil on the finger and nerves reduced the pain in a day and muscle stiffness reduced and fingers were stretchable to original position in couple of more days of application. This is truly magical

~ Manickam, Tenkasi.

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Virali Thailam / Oil for healing Muscle, Nerve & Joint pains

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120ml, 250ml, 550ml


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