Virali Thailam / Oil for relieving Muscle and Nerve pain


Our Virali oil is carefully made from 100% Pure Cold Pressed high-grade white/black Sesame seed oil, Black Jeera, fresh home grown Virali (விராலி) Dodonaea Viscosa plant leaves and few other herbs. Weight: 100ml, 120ml, 250ml, 575ml

Health Benefits: External Application:    Relieves muscle, knee, joint and nerve pain. Improves blood circulation and conditions skin. Relieves burning foot sensation. Relieves knee pain Improves skin health and prevents skin rashes and patches. 

Usage Instruction: Pour sufficient quantity of oil in the affected area and massage the skin till the oil is absorbed by the skin. Faster results are observed when the oil is used periodically every day.   

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120ml, 250ml, 550ml