Handmade Cold Processed Soap – Coconut & Mahua (Unscented)


Our handmade cold processed soaps are made from 100% pure organic cold pressed coconut oil, castor oil and Mahua oil.  Without addition of any essential oil gives  the soap a natural refreshing aroma added oil making our soap a premium quality.

Do you know? Soap gets its natural cleansing property only by addition of Coconut oil, all other oils and other natural additives will only provide the soap natural conditioning and moisturizing and not cleansing property.



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Aloe-Vera Lemongrass Soap Ingredients:

  • 100% Pure organic cold pressed Coconut oil, Castor oil and Mahua Oil.
  • Lye and purified water

All the above ingredients are mixed at room temperature to make the fine premium quality handmade cold processed natural soap.

Do you know? Cold Processed Soaps loose their weight and improves on quality as it ages. Weight loss is due to evaporation of water.

Weight: 80g – 100g

NOTE: Please note that since these soaps are handmade, the shape and size of the soap might vary from the product image shown here. 

Handmade Cold Processed Soap – Coconut & Mahua (Unscented)


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