Arappu Tree Seed (Albizia Amara)


Seed Quantity: 15 seeds per packet


All our seeds are open pollinated native seed varieties cultivated using natural farming method. Sourced from native seed savers, cultivated, harvested and processed at our farm. We distribute the seeds in only in minimal quantities and we expect the buyer to multiply the seeds and build their own Seed bank.

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Arappu (Albizia Amara) is a small tree reaching 3 to 6 m in height, with a wide, dense, round or umbrella-shaped canopy. Bark is grayish and creviced, branches dark yellowish-grey. Leaves are double compound 10-20 cm long with up to 15 pairs of side stalks and 15-35 pairs of leaflets. Arappu Powder is made from the leaves of the plant. When the leaves are fully grown, its plucked, sun dried and made into powder.

Benefits of Arapu (Oil Cake Tree ):-

  • Natural shampoo for hair, for Beautiful and long hair
  • The Arappu powder is also used in clean kitchen utensils

How to Apply Arappu (Oil Cake Tree) Externally:-

During the hair wash the needed quantity is taken in a bowl and mixed with water and applied like a shampoo. We get enough foams for easy wash. All the dirt and oil is washed up completely. The hair after the wash looks smooth and black lustrous.

Arappu Tree Seed (Albizia Amara)
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