Bathua / Chakravarithi Keerai / Paruppu Keerai


Botanical Name: Chenopodium album

Common name: Bathua, fat hen, lamb’s quarters, white goose foot

Tamil Name: ???????????? ???? Chakravarthi keerai, ????????????? Paruppu keerai


All our seeds are open pollinated native seed varieties cultivated using natural farming method. Sourced from native seed savers, cultivated, harvested and processed at our farm. We distribute the seeds in only in minimal quantities and we expect the buyer to multiply the seeds and build their own Seed bank.

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Bathua can be eaten as a vegetable, either steamed in entirety, or the leaves cooked like spinach as a leaf vegetable. Each plant produces tens of thousands of black seeds. These are very nutritious, high in protein, vitamin A, calcium, phosphorus, and potassium. As the English common name suggests, it is also a very good feed (both the leaves and the seeds) for chickens (hens) and other poultry.

Bathua / Chakravarithi Keerai / Paruppu Keerai