Bio-Fertilzer – Enriched BioSlurry, 1L


Our Bio slurry is produced from the anaerobic composting of our Desi cow dung slurry which is rich in all essential soil nutrients such as Potassium, Nitrogen and Phosphate. This act as excellent growth promoter, enhances soil biology and act as natural excellent pest repellent.

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  • Biogas cowdung slurry (80%)
  • Bioenzyme (20%)


  • This liquid can be diluted with water and sprinkled over the plants and soil
  • This can also be applied directly to the soil to condition it.
  • Excellent bio de-composer.. when added to existing compost it act as a catalyst to decompose it faster.

Field tested:

Biogas slurry is primarily used as organic fertilizers and pest repellent at our farm and have seen tremendous growth of the plant and produce




Bio-Fertilzer – Enriched BioSlurry, 1L


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