Cocopeat – Potting Mix / Growing Medium


Weight: 700gms


  • Aids in root growth and seed germination
  • Ready to use natural pot mix
  • High moisture retention capacity, conserves water and encourages plant growth
  • Prevents compaction of the soil resulting healthy plant growth
  • Improves the biological and physical condition of the soil and makes it more resistant to bacterial and fungal growth

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How to use:

  1. Hydration: Place the cocopeat in a container and add desired amount of water. Allow water to absorb for a few minutes until it becomes moist.
  2. Fluff and Aerate: Once the cocopeat has been hydrated, fluff it with your hands to break up any clumps. Make certain that it is evenly moistened.


Planting Medium: Cocopeat can be used as a growing medium for your plants. Fill pots or trays with cocopeat before planting seeds or seedlings. Seedlings can be started by pressing seeds into cocopeat and spacing them evenly. Water gently to keep the moisture in.

Gardening: Combine cocopeat with garden soil to improve water retention and aeration. To improve plant growth, use as a soil conditioner.

Mulching: Spread a layer of cocopeat around the base of plants to keep soil moisture and weeds at bay.

Indoor Plants: Use cocopeat as a potting mix for indoor plants to improve water retention and cut down on watering frequency.

Composting: Cocopeat can be used to improve moisture levels and balance carbon-to-nitrogen ratios in compost piles.

Terrariums: As a base layer for terrariums, use cocopeat to create miniature landscapes. It keeps moisture in small ecosystem.

Note: If your cocopeat becomes dry, simply rehydrate it by adding water until it regains its moisture content.

Cocopeat – Potting Mix / Growing Medium