Green Manure Crop – Sun Hemp / Sanapai / Crotalaria juncea Seeds


Sun Hemp / Sanapai in Tamil is a green manure crop which is a nitrogen fixer and the leaves enriches the soil biomass.

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Sun hemp, a tropical plant primarily grown as a cover crop or green manure. Sunhemp possesses many soil-building traits, including high rates of biomass production It is not only resistant to plant root nematodes but actively suppresses them. It can produce 120 pounds of nitrogen per acre and can suppress weeds up to 90 percent.

  • Advantages
  • Improves soil structure
  • Increases water holding capacity and
  • Decreases soil loss by erosion

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Soaking seeds before sowing can greatly improve their chances of germination and growth. There are several methods of soaking seeds, and one of the most popular methods is soaking them in water. All you need to do is immerse the seeds in water for about 24 hours before planting them in grow bags. This method is particularly useful for seeds that have hard seed coats, which can prevent water from penetrating and germination from occurring.

Another method of soaking seeds is to soak them in cowdung slurry. This is a traditional method that has been used in India for centuries. Cowdung slurry is believed to contain natural growth-promoting substances that can help seeds germinate faster and grow stronger. To prepare the slurry, mix cow dung with water to make a thick paste, and then immerse the seeds in the mixture for about 48 hours. After soaking, rinse the seeds in clean water before planting them in grow bags.

Both of these methods can be effective in improving the germination and growth of seeds. However, it’s important to note that not all seeds require soaking, and some may even be harmed by it. Be sure to research the specific needs of the seeds you are planting and use the appropriate method accordingly.

Green Manure Crop – Sun Hemp / Sanapai / Crotalaria juncea Seeds