Heirloom/Native Brinjal Seed Kit (10 Varieties)


Good News for the brinjal lovers. We are introducing this garden kit which contains our 10 native (Heirloom) varieties of brinjals. Buy it, Plant it and enjoy the great tastes of out native brinjals.

All our native seeds are harvested from the brinjal field grow naturally without the use of any chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

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Below are the 10 native brinjal varieties available as part of this garden kit. Thorny Brinjals are known for their great taste and medicinal values.
Note: Brinjal varieties are subject to change based on stock availability.

Native Brinjal Names Quantity
Violet Long Brinjal with white strips (S1) 1
Green Long Brinjal (S2) 1
Violet Round Brinjal with white strips (S5) 1
Dark Violet Brinjal ? Big 1
Green Long Brinjal with white Strips (S4) 1
Green Round Brinjal (S9) 1
White Brinjal with Violet Patches (S16) 1
Green Oblong Brinjal with Brown Strips (S12) 1
Thorny Brinjals Mixed (M1-4) 1
Thorny Brinjals (M4) 1
Total Packets 10
Heirloom/Native Brinjal Seed Kit (10 Varieties)


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