Heirloom Marigold Orange Flower Seeds


SEED TYPE: Heirloom Open Pollinated variety

PLANT SIZE: Medium-sized plant, 2.0 to 3.0 feet tall

FLOWER: Globe-shaped flower with little colored petals.

SEED QUANTITY: 30+ seeds per pack

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Marigold blooms have numerous layers of overlapping petals that grow smaller and more condensed towards the core of the flower, similar to carnations. The flowers can be single or double colored and come in yellow, orange, red, and maroon colors. Marigold is one of the most popular garden flowers and is often used as loose flowers in garlands for religious and social activities. It has acquired appeal among gardeners because to its ease of cultivation and adaptability. Marigold needs a moderate temperature for lush development and blooms. They may be raised in containers or planted in the ground for widespread display. Since marigold is suited to many soil types, it may be cultivated in a variety of soils. The seedlings may be established in the field and moved with little loss of life. Flowering takes 40 or 50 days after transplanting.

Sowing SeasonJan to May
Sowing Distance12 inch
Days to Harvest45-50 Days
Heirloom Marigold Orange Flower Seeds