Karung Kuruvai Rice (Unpolished),1KG


Karu Kuruvai looks red in colour but belongs to black rice variety, the paddy seeds are black. Karung means Black and Kuruvai represents Kuruvai season in Tamil Nadu.

This rice is grown using 100% natural farming method without the use of any harmful chemicals and fertilizers.

Karunguruvai rice has many medicinal properties and it cures many diseases.

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Health Benefits of Karung Kurvai rice:

  • This variety provides great stamina.
  • Karunguruvai rice wards of skin diseases, urinary track diseases, poisonous stings and promotes health.
  • Karun Kuruvai is well known to treat Elephantiasis arthritis and chickenpox.
  • Improves immune system, reduces bad cholesterol
  • Act as blood purifier
  • Strengthens nervous system
  • Controls and prevents Diabetes, blood pressure and bad cholesterol.
Karung Kuruvai Rice (Unpolished),1KG