Karuppu Kavuni – Black Kavuni Rice (Unpolished)


This farm Product is from ROF Community Farming Initiative. Black Kavuni rice is one of the highest nutrient ancient rice varieties which was once forbidden to common man in the past.
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Black Kavuni Rice was once served only for royal family in china. General public was denied access to this rice, probably merchants were always friends with royal families that?s how they got their hand with this rice varieties. Even today there is no Chettinad wedding without black kavuni rice desserts.

In ancient days, when a girl attends puberty, they used to make black rice pudding (called as puttu also known as Rangoon puttu). This is because this will help her stabilizes her body and increase the iron in blood and stops accumulating fat in back and hip region, a place women add more fat. Over a period of time, we forgot the black rice and we only followed the ritual and pudding part. Even today, in some part of villages, when a girl is getting ready to be married, they used to give black rice based food to rebuild her into proper shape.

Today lot of scientific data points are surfacing about this miracle rice, American Chemical Society (ACS) says, one spoonful of black rice contains more Anthocyanin antioxidants than a spoonful of blueberries. Until then, blueberries was considered the richest source of Anthocyanin antioxidants. Black Kavuni has 18 amino acids, zinc that counts for immunity, iron that counts for carrying oxygen and the list goes like, copper, carotene, anthocyanin and several important vitamins. Our ancient healing text says, black rice helps to prevent cancer, diabetes and heart disease. This is very good for your kidney, stomach and liver. Another beauty of this is. Due to high fibre content, consuming just 1/3rd?the quantity is more than enough for the day and you will not feel hunger. It is amazing to see how our ancestor?s contribution for balanced holistic life. That is why they say, food is our medicine and medicine is our food!

Karuppu Kavuni – Black Kavuni Rice (Unpolished)

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