Aruvatham Kuruvai, Unpolished Raw Rice, 500g

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This rice is one of the native rice variety of Tamil Nadu. The is a short duration native rice variety and cultivation duration is 60 to 75 days.

Color of Rice: Red

Type: Unpolished and raw rice

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Benefits of Aruvatham Juruvai rice:

  • Aruvatham Kuruvai rice include its ability to improve heart health.
  • Aruvatham Kuruvai rice stimulate growth and repair throughout the body.
  • Slow the signs of Aging, protects against chronic diseases
  • Aruvatham Kuruvai rice prevents the onset of diabetes
  • Optimizes the digestion process
  • Strengthens your bones and your immune system.

Cooking Instruction: 

Sow the rice in water for 30 mins. Add 3 to 4 part of water for 1 part of rice. Pressure cooker it for 5 whistle and the rice is ready to be served.

Aruvatham Kuruvai, Unpolished Raw Rice, 500g

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