Siru keerai Seeds (Tropical Amarnath)


All our native seeds are cultivated and harvested at our farm using natural farming methods.  Free from harmful pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

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Sirukeerai is an essential part of daily diet as its main property is to remove waste from the body. When consumed regularly this helps in removing toxins from the kidney and cleans the urinary tract. Sirukeerai also helps in eradicating kidney stones and other bile related diseases.

Sirukeerai roots has lots of medicinal value and rich is nutrients. We can make soup using the roots by adding little turmeric powder and ginger. Consuming this regularly will help in relieving many stomach problems. Siru keerai helps in improving eye vision.

It is very high in calcium and iron. Consuming this sirukeerai with dhal, or soup or poriyal continuously will give amazing results in building a healthy body. Sirukeerai is mostly preferred by people suffering with gall bladder and other stomach related diseases.

Name of SiruKeerai in English – Tropical Amarnath

Siru keerai Seeds (Tropical Amarnath)


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