Tobacco leaves Herbal Pest Repellant, 1L


Tobacco leaf Herbal Pest Repellant is prepared by soaking the tobacco leaves in desi cow urine for 15 to 20 days. The juice is then filtered and bottled. This controls and repels all types of pest and worms. Presence of cow urine also enchances the soil fertility.

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Our Tobacco Herbal Organic Pest Repellant is prepared from our Desi cattle urine and tobacco leaves that naturally has pest repellant properties. The process time for preparation is 15 to 20 days.

It removes all pests, worms and worms spreading virus and also improve the richness of the soil. The greenery of plants increases.

It can be used for vegetables, fruits, flowers and other agricultural crops.

Application Instruction:

  • It has to be sprayed either in early morning hours or evening hours.
  • In summer instead of 2% the mixture can be made by mixing only 1.5%.
  • For terrace or home gardens, 15ml of Tobacco leaves herbal pest repellant can be mixed in 1 liter of water and sprayed on the plants.
Tobacco leaves Herbal Pest Repellant, 1L