Goat Manure


At ROF, we take pleasure to introduce this free gracing goat manure to all the home gardeners so they shall enjoy the true benefit and reap a healthy and tasty home grown food. Applicable for all types of vegetables and crops.

Packet Weight: 1kg

Direction of Use: Sprinkle a handful of goat manure around the pot on the wet soil and water it.

Benefits: Increases the nutrient content of the soil, Increases the soil microbial content.

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Our goat manure are collected from our free gracing native breeds of goat at our farm and undergo a natural aerobic composting.

Goat manure is the best manure for any farm land. Traditionally the free gracing goats are allowed to stay in the farm land in night for few days to a month. The goat dung and urine falling on the ground enriches the soil with all the essential nutrients and micro nutrients making it the best platform to cultivate any type of crops and vegetables without any further manure or pesticides.

Application of goat manure is good only when the goats are free graced as they consume all herbal/medicinal plants which will be beneficial to soil. This makes these free gracing cattle special from the farm goats.


Goat Manure