Coccinia Grandis / Ivy Gourd Stem Cuttings / Tuber


This is native wild variety of Ivy gourd where the unripe pod is bitter in taste when compared with hybrid variety available in market. But its loaded with actual nutritional and medicinal benefits than the hybrid variety. The fruit is sweet in taste.  This variety is drought and disease tolerant

Quantity: 4 fresh stem cuttings per package

Common Names-Scarlet gourd, Tindora, Kunduru, Koval, Kovakkai

Packaging Method: We use coco peat and plastic pouches for the stems to retain moisture during the transit. Plants are delivered without pot, immediate planting is required.

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Planting Method– Plant the stems in small pits filled with loose soil. Water moderately.

Actual item may vary from the image shown. Due to packing & transportation the plant’s actual freshness can be regained only after proper watering and care.

Product Description:

  • Ivy gourd (Coccinia grandis) is said to have potent anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant effects that may aid in the prevention or treatment of a diverse range of health conditions from diabetes to high cholesterol to high blood pressure and obesity.
  • Leaves and fruits are generally used for consumption.
  • Climatic Conditions This vegetable crop thrives best in humid and warm climatic conditions. The ideal temperature range of 20°C to 32°C is best for its growth, quality and good yield.
  • This vegetable can be cultivated throughout the year. However, peak seasons of fruiting are rainy season & summer.
  • Soil Requirement Well drained rich sandy loam soils are best for its cultivation. Heavy clay soils, acidic and alkaline soils should be avoided. The soil pH of 6.0 – 6.5 results in best yield and quality of the vegetable.
  • Land Preparations Plough the land/soil until fine tilth is achieved and to kill any weeds. Apply any well rotten manure along with micro nutrients.
  • Propagation and Planting Method in Ivy Gourd Farming: Normally this crop is propagated vegetative through stem cuttings (in some areas by seeds, but it takes more than year to establish a plant, cuttings should be planted about 6 cm deep with basin diameter of 60 cm. The distance between the basins should be about 2 meters.
  • Season The planting should be done before rainy season/monsoon starts (June to July) or in spring season (Feb to Mar). The plant vines should be supported by 2 meter bamboo sticks.
Coccinia Grandis / Ivy Gourd Stem Cuttings / Tuber