Vetiver Grass Slips (Dharini Variety)


We provide best quality Vetiver grass slips from naturally grown Vetiver plant at our farm. Vetiver is grown usually for preventing soil erosion and for its aromatic roots which has numerous health benefits. Its also grown as decorative grass at home landscapes.

Quantity: 5 Vetiver slips

Variety Name: Dharini

Dharini Vetiver are Tallest, very broad dark green leaves, longest and thickest roots and used for soil erosion, grey water treatment and making vetiver value added craft products

Dharani is used for dual purposes: 
1. Useful for protecting soil erosion
2. Dense & long network a suitable soil binder cum high oil yielder

Propagation: Once purchased, the grass can be propagated through slips from well grown mother plant. Grows in all type of soil and highly resistant to drought and diseases.

Crop Duration: 18 months


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The Vetiver System has very good application for landscaping in many different areas, including: infrastructure, building sites, and gardens. In addition it is a very pretty ornamental plant that can be grown in the ground and pots. It will make the most efficient “Rain Garden” The grass can be used to delineate borders on paths and roads, beautify the edges of water bodies such as lakes and streams, used as traffic dividers (reduction of head light glare), and many other applications.

As a landscaping plant it also provides the may other benefits including slope stabilization, erosion control, decontaminate of toxic materials and water, improved habitat, pest control , and other associated benefits. When trimmed the leaves can be used for forage, mulch, thatch, compost, fuel and handicrafts.

Vetiver Grass Slips (Dharini Variety)