Magili keerai or Pannakeerai seeds (Celosia Argentea)


Medicinal uses:

  • The seeds are used to treat diseases of blood and mouth sores.
  • Oil extracted from the seeds is mixed with milk and sugar and used as tonic.
  • The plant has immense medicinal value in stomach related problems.
  • In case of over consumption fever, hip, and leg pain will come.
  • This plant is not advisable for pregnant ladies.

Cooking combination: You can either cook the plant separately or with other greens such as thoyya
and kanan keerai.

Eating combination: Finger millet ball, Finger millet porridge.

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Scientific Name:Celosia argentea

Tamil name:Pannakeerai, Magili keerai

General information: Grows in rain fed farms. Found predominantly in the red soil of millet farms during the rainy season (June to September). The leaves with tender stems are plucked. Once the plant flowers, the leaves are considered to be matured and are generally not preferred for cooking.

Properties:This plant acts as a coolant to the body.

Magili keerai or Pannakeerai seeds (Celosia Argentea)


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