White Pulicha Keerai Seeds

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Botanical Name: Hibiscus Cannabinus

English Name: Brown Indian hemp 

Organically grown Heirloom seeds Name: Pulicha Keerai (Gongura) Seeds – White Seed

Quantity: 15 seeds Seed Variety: Heirloom (Native) Variety Germination Rate: min 80%

Names of Pulicha Keerai in different Indian Languages: Pulichakeerai in Botanical Name – Hibiscus Cannabinus Pulichakeerai in Hindi – Gongura Pulichakeerai in Marathi – Ambaadi Pulichakeerai in Hindi – Pitwaa Pulichakeerai in Oriya – Taka Bhendi or Khata Palanga Pulichakeerai in Jharkhand – Kotrum Pulichakeerai in Kannada – Pandilpundi Pulichakeerai in Punjabi – Sankokda Pulichakeerai in English – Kenaf leaves Pulichakeerai in Telugu – Andhra Matha

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As the name suggests this spinach variety gives a tangy taste to the dishes. This spinach can be very much suitable for veg and non veg dishes due to its typical taste. It is popularly called as gonkura in Andhra, the chutney made using this spinach has a truly mesmerizing taste. This chutney is called gonkura chutney, which is partly spicy and partly sour. We can make chutneys and curries using this spinach with veg or non veg ingredients, and you will experience a great taste like never before.

This keerai type is loaded with vitamins, mineral and fiber. It is also rich in iron that helps in building a strong body. It strengthens the immune system and gives an ability to fight any infections caused by bacteria or viruses. It is also rich in oxalic acid and vitamin B9 that is found in very rare species of spinaches or other vegetables. The fiber content in this spinach helps in weight loss and build a strong body, it is also low in calories and burns cholesterol.

Pulicha keerai vagaigal comes in two types. One is red stemmed leaves and another one is green stemmed.

White Pulicha Keerai Seeds


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