100% Pure Raw Cane Sugar Powder/Naatu Sarkarai


Our Raw Brown Cane Sugar powder (Naatu Sarkarai) is produced using traditional methods, resulting in a rich taste and natural aroma. Unlike other sugar products, our Raw Brown Cane Sugar is free from artificial color, sweeteners, preservatives, and bleaching agents.

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Our Brown Cane Sugar powder (Naatu Sarkarai) is traditionally prepared making it rich in taste with natural aroma. It’s free from any form of bleaching agent, artificial color, sweetener and preservative.

Brown sugar is also known as raw sugar or whole cane sugar. It is considered as one of the purest forms of sugar which contain molasses (which imparts the Brown color to sugar) and are rich in minerals. Its production does not involve a refining process.
Unlike white or refined sugar, brown sugar is produced directly from sugar cane juice, which is boiled and left to cool and crystallize over time. Brown sugar is high in minerals and you feel an immediate wave of energy.

Ingredients: Sugarcane juice

Do You Know? Pure raw brown cane sugar are less sweeter compared to adulterated brown cane sugar in the market. Sucralose or white refined sugar are used as adulterant to increase the sweetness of cane jaggery powder.

100% Pure Raw Cane Sugar Powder/Naatu Sarkarai


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