Karuppu Kavuni (Black Kavuni) Paddy Seeds, 500g


Seed Packet Weight : 500g

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Name of the Variety Duration in days Maximum height of the crop in cm Number of grains per ear head Yield of grain in kgs/acre Yield of straw in kgs/acre 1000 grain weight in grams
Karuppukovuni 130 144 170 800 1200 42

Karuppu Kavuni Paddy Information:

  • 130-140 days and Suitable season for growing this variety is September – January.
  • Suitable to direct sowing.
  • Needs only organic manures such as green and green leaf manure.
  • The color of the grain is black and it is only used for sweet making along with coconut milk and it is not suitable for meals preparation.
  • It requires lesser quantity of water comparatively and suitable for black cotton soil and red soil in dry lands.
Karuppu Kavuni (Black Kavuni) Paddy Seeds, 500g