Solanum Trilobatum (Thoothuvalai)

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One of the most important medicinal herb to have in every home garden.

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Vernacular Names:

Marathi: mothiringnee, thoodalam
Tamil: Tuduvalai, Nittidam, Sandunayattan, Surai
Malayalam: tutavalam, putharichunda, putricunta, puttacunta, tudavalam
Telugu: alarkapatramu, kondavuchinta, mullamusti
Oriya: bryhoti
Sanskrit: achuda, agnidamani, agnidamini, alarka, vallikantakarika
Kannada: ambusonde, ambusondeballi, chitbadane, hebbu sonde gida

Health Benefits of Solanum Trilobatum:

#1 Cure for Common Cold and Cough
#2 Best Remedy for Sinusitis
#3 Dissolves Tonsils
#4 Extraordinary Remedy for Asthma
#5 Prevention of Cancer
#6 It Controls the Effects of Diabetes
#7 For Healthy Liver and Lungs
#8 It Dispels Stomach Pain
#9 Helps Better Blood Circulation
#10 Ear Problems and Memory Improvement
#11 Cure for Constipation
#12 For Calcium Deficiency

Solanum Trilobatum (Thoothuvalai)

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