Thandu Keerai (Green)


Thandu keerai / Amaranthus Caudatus / FoxTail Amaranth

Whenever you want your body to be strong and shinny think of Amaranthus Gangeticus. This variety is mostly consumed during the August in Chennai. It has calcium, Phosphorus, Iron, Vitamin C, Vitamin B complex, protein, fat, fiber. All these nutrients has a power of preventing old age symptoms at younger age. It reduces body heat urine problems.

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  • Thandu keerai has other common names like tassel flower, quilete, love-lies-bleeding, pendant amaranth, velvet flower. This is the annual flowering plant species which is suitable for any habitat and it grows above 3ft to below 8ft height. The healthy plants always require full sun. There are many varieties in this species where every variety is handled in unique way for best growth. Mostly, it is planted in indoors during spring in temperate regions and taken to the outdoors after the completion of frost.
Thandu Keerai (Green)


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