Vadhanarayanan(White Gulmohar) Stem cuttings | Live Plant


Quantity: 4 stem cuttings

Size: 1 feet

Properties: Grows well in all type of soil and highly drought resistant. The leaves are cooked and eaten to relive from all types of body pain.

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Health Benefits of Vadhanarayanan(White Gulmohar) Keerai /leaves:

Paralysis attack: There are many types of paralysis attacks and some can be curable by adding White Gulmohar in the diet with garlic and asafoetida.
Heart-related diseases: To cure heart-related diseases, add dry ginger, cumin seeds, and basil with this spinach variety and cook a delicious dish that tempts family members to have a bite for a healthy heart.
Gastric problems and stomach: White Gulmohar with garlic gives a big relief from all the gastric problems and stomach related diseases.
Knee pain, Joint pain and Neck pain: Those who are suffering from knee pain, joint pain, and neck pain, try the juice of Vadhanarayanan for once or twice a week.

Vadhanarayanan(White Gulmohar) Stem cuttings | Live Plant


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